#askjulie – A whole lot of questions!


 1. How do you style the hair of your clients?
2. Which products do you use?
3. Where do you get the inspiration?
4. How do you travel with your wigs without flattening them?
5. How do you apply wigs to the normal hair and (when using multiple wigs) to each other?
6. Do you like to work with natural or crazy colors on normal hair/with wigs?
7. What is your favourite look so far?
8. Do you practice also on yourself or just on a foam head?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and respond to my questions! I love your work and I would love to work & meet up with you for once because you seem like a really great person!

Keikocosplay ~”

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#Askjulie – Enlarging a portfolio – Spreading the word

It’s time for another #askjulie! Make sure to keep sending in your questions to info@julialionhair.com !


My name is Adam, a photographer based in Amsterdam (originally from Israel) and I hope to get your advice on a few questions! 

First I’ll explain a bit by sharing my story – but you can skip this and just get to the questions in the end…

Well, just around 15 years ago I’ve started photographing musicians and bands, which led into a few jobs with them, PR photos, Cover designs (I am a graphic designer), posters and so on – meaning, I never focused only on photography and actually the major focus was on design work. as a day-time job I also worked as  a designer. now, very recently, I’ve decided it’s time to focus on what I really love and take on photography 100% as a full time profession. And now the challenges are – where to start? My portfolio isn’t large but I can stand behind the quality of work in it. I face two issues, one – enlarge my portfolio, two – spread the word. Both prove to be harder than expected.

1. How do you find good TFP partners? I try looking for collaborations with models via Model Mayhem to very low responses, I have posted notices at fashion design school looking for students to shoot their work – and found pure silence. Any tips on doing something else? Any tips in doing the same – but better? Thank you!

2. What are the best ways to get yourself known? There is posting your work to blogs, groups, and so on, and there is what i suspect is better – working with many people, tagging them when you post, and basically reaching their audience. Lastly there are blogs, youtube, etc – but again people need to find it, reach it… What worked better for you? How did you grow your following? 

Thank you very much.”
– Adam

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How to give and take constructive criticism

How do you get better in your field? By learning from your mistakes and avoid making them in the future. The best way to find out where your mistakes and weaknesses lie, is in good, constructive criticism.

When does critique stop being constructive and start being obnoxious? How can you help another artist by giving your honest opinion? What is too honest?

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#AskJulie – Starting out

I’m starting a new #hashtag on this blog! Send your question to info@julialionhair, and I will make a post with my personal advice for your situation.  (Make sure to mention in the email if you want to stay anonymous!)
Here’s the first question!

“Hey Julia, I find it very hard to start out because everyone is asking a portfolio. I have a few pictures but not a big portfolio yet, so I think it would be a good thing to write about. It holds me back to start in this field. I am very insecure about my work and that doesn’t help either. Thank you!”
 -Ingrid V.

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