Booking a photoshoot

Want to be a model for a day? Want some personal and unique art in your house? Want to be pampered and get a make-over? Want to live out a fantasy and become a character of your imagination? Or do you just want to support your favorite photographers? 

It’s so easy – book a photoshoot as a client! In this post I discuss how that works, what it means for you, what the requirements are, and I have talked to some of my previous clients to give you a first hand testimony of what it’s really like behind the scenes!


Model Aline – now starting a modeling carreer as Lady Lathonia (Photo by Sheridan’s Art)

Why book a shoot?
“I wanted the experience to become more confident,” Aline says. At a personal photoshoot, as a client, you are pampered, and made into the best version of yourself. With some photographers like Sheridan’s Art, you can choose your own theme and look if you want to transform yourself into someone else. If you want it to be more natural, there are a lot of other photographers who can help you with that.
“Any occasion is a good one. For a birthday or another special day, or reward yourself after a stressfull time, or just because you deserve it.” Loes says.

I love it when I do the hair of a client, and the make-up artist finishes her make-up look, and you see the client looking in the mirror for the first time – They are usually absolutely stunned by what they can look like, and it really does magic for their confidence. Milopunk, one of my favorite makeup-artists,  described it perfectly: “When a client is looking in the mirror like a model, sucking in their cheeks, smizing with the eyes, I know they are feeling themselves, and that is the most magical moment.”

Model Loes Brems at an event hosted by Sheridan’s Art

Booking a shoot has a lot of advantages. Firstly, you are taking a day (or less) all for yourself – and that’s very important. Taking care of yourself, in this hectic life, and feeling like a queen or a warrior for one day, can be such a healing experience on which you will look back with a lot of joy. 

Loes says about photographer Sheridan’s Art – with whom she booked a shoot on an event –  “I was following her on social media, I admired her art a lot. I saw that she could really transform people to someone from fairytales and I wanted that experience too. “
Sometimes it’s not just a thing you do only for yourself. If you admire an artist a lot, the best thing you can do is support them! Buy prints, like their pages, share their work on social media, and best of all – book a shoot! That way, you support them, and you have a beautiful souvenir for yourself and the chance to be a supermodel for a day. 

“But I’m not pretty enough”, “I don’t have the size of a model”, …
Stop right there! Everyone can be a model for a day if they book a shoot. You might not get a modelling carreer out of it, but that’s all right. You can just do it for yourself, or for a family member (a family portrait is always an amazing  gift!), or a friend (a shoot to celebrate your friendship is always a cool idea)
I truly believe everyone is beautiful and can look stunning on a photo. Just take the plunge, you have nothing to lose! 

How to book a shoot?
Follow photographers you like on social media. If you decide, “I want them to shoot me!” You can send an inquiry to them by mail. (Most photographers prefer their official email adress over a social media message.)

Ask if they take client bookings and what their rates are. Some photographers have their rates on their website, so make sure to check that first. 

Some photographers also host photoshoot events! These photos were taken at an event by the amazing Au Contraire Photography from Germany. 
These girls were all clients, and by no means professional models. But if you have a good photographer, you can look like you stepped right out of a magazine! 

As for me, it’s amazing to work with clients. You hear the most amazing stories – some are shooting to cope with negativity in their life, to make themselves feel special. Others do it just as a hobby – they save up money and when they have enough, they book a shoot again. All reasons are good reasons! I love meeting new people from all kinds of backgrounds, and some of my clients have become close friends over time. 

What I also love about clients is the challenge they provide for me. I let them decide everything, so it’s my job to do their hair just the way they want it. This is an awesome challenge, and I want to do it as good as possible! There are also some clients who just give me a blank slate because they trust me, and that’s an incredible feeling. 

Aline, aka Lady Lathonia, photographed by Sheridan’s Art on her very first shoot.

What  is a client shoot like?
Loes says ” I felt very nervous, because it was a bit like a fangirl meeting an idol, but the photographer and the team made me feel at ease very quickly. ”

As a team, we have the duty to make you feel welcome and at ease. It’s totally normal to feel nervous, but I always try my best to break the ice and make it a fun experience for everyone.
After your communication with the photographer, you should have an idea where you want to go, artisticly. Don’t be afraid to stick to that choice and make it clear what you want. You paid this team so they have to listen to what you want.

If you don’t have any experience with posing, the photographer will coach you during the shoot. Just try to relax and listen to the directions of the photographer. If you have ideas you want to try out for yourself, feel free to do so! It’s your day, and you should use it to the fullest.

The importance of styling
“Without [hair and make up], it wouldn’t be the same!” says Aline. Loes agrees. “[The styling], I feel, was necessary to help create the fantasy vibe. It made me feel extra confident during shooting!”

If you want to go for an all natural photo, feel free to do so! In my field, however, I very much support full on makeovers because they always give that little extra confidence boost that looks amazing on a photo. And while you are paying for a photo, might as well enjoy that extra pampering that makes the day extra special!

Aline on her “Jesters Special” shoot with Sheridan’s Art

Value for your money
Booking a shoot is not cheap – it is still al luxury to get your hair and makeup done and shoot in a professional studio.
“Sometimes I feel like it’s very expensive,” says Aline, “but that’s because I’m a student and it’s a lot of money. But on the other hand I understand why I have to pay it because the materials are also very expensive. You have to understand as a client you not only pay for the shoot but for the service and materials and equipments as well.”
When asked if she thaught she paid too much or too little, Loes answers “I wouldn’t have been able to pay more (because my financial status), but I think the whole team deserves higher prices (because of their skills).”

In short – it is quite a price, but all clients I talked to feel like they definitely get value for their money. When you shoot with a professional team, you don’t only pay for a few hours of shooting – you pay for the editing, all the equipment a photographer invests, products the makeup artist uses, and sometimes even fake hair or extensions the hairstylist has to buy. Artists like me, who want to make a living of their craft, are incredibly grateful for clients, because they bring us closer to our goal.


Have you booked a shoot before? What were your experiences? Would you book them again? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share your results!

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