2017 review!

Here’s an overview of what the year was like for Julia Lion Hair!

I’m very curious to see similar posts from other artists… It’s always interesting to look back on a year to see how much you’ve progressed.

I started 2017 with one goal: to raise the bar for myself. I wanted to make my passion into my job. No more hobby photographers, but taking action and working with the people I really admire.

One of my favorite shoots of the beginning of 2017, was my collaboration with Hugo Deneweth. I absolutely adore this photo, and he was such a lovely person to work with. Not to mention the model is one of my all time favorites, Dolores. I had gotten a brand new micro crimping iron, and this was the first time I experimented with it. I’m still very pleased with this look!

That same month, I did hair for the valentine show of Club Burlesque. It’s always lovely to work with the dancers, but that night I kind of went overboard – I worked from 2 PM to 11 PM, non stop. I didn’t have time to eat, so the make-up artist had to push fries in my mouth while I curled the girls’ hair. After that day I completely crashed, and it was a big warning for me – being a workaholic is very dangerous. From that point on, I tried not to overdo it anymore.

At the end of february, I had another amazing shoot with Au Contraire Photography, one of my favorite photographers in the world. She had this awesome rococo dress, and rococo style happens to be one of my favorite things to do with hair. Needless to say, I was very excited for this shoot and the results are everything I hoped for!

In march, I first worked with Sheridan’s Art. I had been admiring her work for ages, so finally get the chance to prove myself with her was something I had been anxiously waiting for. I could have never dreamed it would blossom into such a great series of collaborations!

March was a pretty good month for me, sincesince I also collaborated with the incredible Sanne van Bergenhenegouwen  for the first time. Again, I worked on the technique of the very first photo I showed in this post, and experimented with it on Kanekalon hair, which was to become my new weapon of choice.
My holy trinity of favorite photographers for this year was set! I had achieved a major goal: working with people I really admire, instead of accepting every shoot that was handed to me.

In April, I started experimenting with more extreme forms of hairstyling. Making masks with hair, adding studs or chains, … Photographer Dennis Claes gave me the opportunity to explore and be free, and to try out different things. These techniques would later this year come in very handy when designing bigger pieces…

Late april  – another amazing shoot with Sanne! If I could, I would work with her every week. Traveling to den Hague is nothing compared to the amazing results I always recieve from her.


I also worked more and more with Sheridan’s Art. After this shoot, I got involved with her awesome Eden Project and Jester series.  Especially the jesters was an incredibly stimulating environment for me. I could try out new techniques, experiment as much as I wanted to. Laura, the photographer, gave me so much room and opportunity to grow and explore my craft, and i will always be grateful of her for that!

Flash forward to July – first time working with the awesome Dave Groennesby from Collabs Photography. Dave is an awesome guy – not only is he super talented, he’s also one of the nicest male photographers I’ve ever met. Call me a feminist if you want, but I feel more comfortable with female teams. Dave is a huge exeption to that rule – he is always respectful, friendly, and very open to ideas of the stylists. That’s why his work is very fashion forward.

Later that month, I also did one of my favorite shoots with Sanne ever – we let model My Fragility lie down in a forest without clothes on! Just kidding, there was more to this shoot than just that. I wanted a nude series that was still very innocent and pure, like a forest creature waking up in her nest. My Fragility was the perfect model for that – she depicted all those things I wanted perfectly in her posing and expressions. I bought SO much fake hair for that shoot, and it all ended up in the trash because it was full of leaves. My heart shed a little tear.

One more with Au Contraire – I loved doing this shoot, because I inspired myself on dolls for this one. I did three hairstyles in 90 minutes for that shoot, that’s how fun it was! Experimented again with lots of Kanekalon hair and different techniques.

In July, I also started blogging here! Hurray!

It was also the month of the Moth Girls! Love this series so much. I put all my heart in these hairstyles, and love how everything came together.

I also got some work on an alternative cover of Bedeseme magazine! This was an awesome shoot with model Sara Scarlet, with whom I worked a few times this year.

I also had my first teaching experience! I gave a workshop in Studio 22, which was so much fun to do and sparked my interest for teaching. Read the post about the workshop here.

In september, Laura from Sheridan’s Art kicked off the Space Girls project.  It was yet another amazing opportunity for me to try out new techniques – I especially worked a lot with bright Kanekalon hair and made new shapes and constructions with it.

September also marked the beginning of my official business – I got my business management diploma at the end of august, and in september I got my company registered officially. It was a huge turning point, both for me as a person and as an enterpreneur – I was a highschool dropout and never got an intellectual diploma. By achieving this goal, I proved to myself that I could reach any goal as long as I worked hard enough.

Becoming an official company had one big goal: getting CLIENTS! It’s the first step to making my passion into my job. Laura hired me as an official freelancer for her business, so her clients can choose to get their hair done by me. She has provided some incredible clients to me, for which I am eternally grateful. In the picture above is the lovely Laura Speeckaert, who became a good friend of mine after the shoot.

From september to now, I got some amazing opportunities – I did hair for walking paintings at a vernissage, I did hair of musicians, I sold headpieces and wigs, gave private classes, held giveaways, …. It all went by so fast and I did so much in such a short time! Everything, of course, came together when I organised the shooting of OPIATE.

From everything this year, I think I am most proud of getting my business management diploma, and organising OPIATE. Two things I never thought I would succeed in if you asked me years ago.

What would I like to achieve in 2018? 
– Make something go viral. As of now, OPIATE hasn’t gone viral yet, but I will do my best to make it so, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll make an even more crazy and elaborate video next year!
– Get more paid clients than TFP shoots. I think the rate right now is 50%-50%. It would be incredible if I could do this fulltime and ditch my other job, but I want to stay realistic and not put too much pressure on my creativity.
– Work with lots of new people and go abroad. Shooting in the UK, for example, is VERY high on my wishlist. Or even further… I still want to go on a holiday to Japan one day, and when I’m there, I would love to shoot with some crazy people there, and hopefully meet my huge hairstyling inspiration Hidenuri Nishimura 😉
– I would love to teach more. More private classes, more workshops, maybe instructional videos or even DVD’s if people are interested.


I am also incredibly grateful to ALL the talented people I got to work with this year – you know who you are. Really guys, this year has been a blast and you made it happen. If 2018 is even half as succesful as this year, I will be incredibly satisfied!

Last but not least, I want to thank ALL of my followers (that includes YOU reading this now!) for standing by me, for all your likes, comments and questions, for all your incredible support, for picking me up when I was feeling down, for making my day better, and for making all of this hard work worth the while.

See you in 2018!

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