Expanding my business

I love doing hair, but I want to be more than just a hairstylist. In this post, I’ll write down my ideas and goals for the future. Maybe you can find some inspiration here to expand your business as well!

Wigs and headpieces
Lately I have gotten interested in wigmaking. Not the traditional, lacefront, hair by hair kind of wigmaking, but a more artsy take on it. Working with unconvential colors and materials to make something that could come out of a fantasy world.

Picture taken by Laura from Sheridan’s Art in her workspace

It gives me an opportunity to think in a completely different way – I have to make a base, I can’t use a model’s existing hair, I have to start from scratch. I love the challenge a lot! I love how big I can go with it and make something that can be used over and over again. The worst thing about a photoshoot, to me, is taking out the hairdo at the end of the day!
It also gives me a nice solution to one of my biggest problems – I want to do ALL of the shoots, but I can’t be in two places at the same time. If I make a wig for a shoot, the model can still wear my hair, even though I can’t be at the actual shoot.

I am also planning on making headpieces, made out of hair, that models and clients can just pop on their head to lift their look to the next level, while still showing their real hair. It could also work for other occasions than photoshoots – fantasy events, costume parties, performances, …

Ideally, I would love to start a webshop with different wigs and hairpieces.

Photo by Dave Groennesby of Collabs Photography

Ever since I gave my first workshop last summer, I noticed how much I love teaching. It comes so natural, and I love the evolution my students made in just a few hours. As of recently, I started organising private classes to give a more personal approach to my teaching. Can’t wait how that turns out!

I would love to host more workshops and spread my knowledge some more. I was always scared of this since I didn’t want people to “steal my secrets” or whatever, but I noticed it’s not like that at all. Everyone has their own different style, and it’s so interesting to see how other people approach different techniques.

At my workshop last summer. Picture by Alana Clemens Photography.

YouTube & live videos
I used to be way more active on YouTube, but due to circumstances it got moved a lot more to the background. Today I did two live videos with Laura from Sheridan’s Art, and I loved how viewers commented and caused a lovely interaction.  Communicating with my followers is something I would love to do more, and I think live videos would be a great way to do that!

Blogging and helping out other artists
When starting this blog, my biggest goal was to help other people with the experience I learned along the way. Models who are just starting out (and are very vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of them), hairstylists who have no idea where to begin, photographers that want to break out of their mold, …
I don’t want to claim in any way that I know everything, nor have I had decades of experience like the hairstylists I admire. But I do notice a lot of injustice and questions in this little world of fashion photography, and I would love to make it  a better place for all artists.
I will continue with this blog and hope it reaches as much people as it can!

Photo by Sheridan’s Art

Goals as a hairstylist
Of course, my main passion is doing hair. I am insanely happy with everything I accomplished in the past year – I became Sheridan’s Art’s hairstylist for most of her shoots, I got into teaching, I became an official enterpreneur, and got loads of amazing clients. This year, I’ve finally started to make money with my business.
In the future, I would love to take that further. I want to arrange sponsorships with wig and hair shops, do more published work, and broaden my horizon towards high fashion. This year I have been focussing a lot on fantasy photography, so working with Dave Groennesby of Collabs Photography is a nice change towards high fashion work.


What are goals you have set for yourself in the future? Do you make a list or do you like to go with the flow and see what happens? Let me know in the comments!

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