#AskJulie – Starting out

I’m starting a new #hashtag on this blog! Send your question to info@julialionhair, and I will make a post with my personal advice for your situation.  (Make sure to mention in the email if you want to stay anonymous!)
Here’s the first question!

“Hey Julia, I find it very hard to start out because everyone is asking a portfolio. I have a few pictures but not a big portfolio yet, so I think it would be a good thing to write about. It holds me back to start in this field. I am very insecure about my work and that doesn’t help either. Thank you!”
 -Ingrid V.

Starting out can be very intimidating. Especialy if you follow a lot of big names on social media who have a lot more experience than you.
Realise one thing: everyone started out as a beginner, just like you. What makes a person succeed is determination and hard work.

Confidence is something that can be built! If you like what you do and enjoy doing it, you can get a sense of pride. Being proud of what you do is the first step. I have seen you work and I know that you focus a lot on details, and on things that you think are wrong with your work. Try to look at the total package instead.
When I finish a look (especially when I don’t have much time), I make a lot of mistakes! Try to look at the total picture and what your client (or if you do TFP, the rest of your team) wants. If that’s okay, there’s no need to stress out.

The more shoots you will do, the more you’ll learn from experience. And the more you’ll learn, the more confident you will become. When starting out your portfolio, start with things you know you are good at to build up the confidence.

Good luck!

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