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In a previous post I asked for some interesting questions to answer on this blog. Keep your questions coming, because a sequel to this post is on its way!

If you study fashion history and look at classic art for your inspiration- your styles are so classic but also so modern, how do you know what to change and what to keep…. in short, how the heck do you do it?
asked by Holly Thomas

rococo hair (picture does not belong to me)

That is such an interesting question! In my training as a hairstylist, there was a very large emphasis on historical hairstyling. Especially Greek, Rococo and Baroque were adressed, so this was my base. I am very fond of modern avant garde hairstyles (everything Galliano ever put on a runway is divine), so I also draw a lot of inspiration from there, so the classic and modern styles merge together.
Also, as a kid and teen, I wasn’t interested in hair much, but I spent my time drawing and looking at art. Thats why I have more of an art influence than a fashion influence sometimes.

What’s your biggest dream/goal as a hairstylist?
asked by Sharon Boucquez

I haven’t really thought it out very much, I just go with the flow and enjoy what I am doing. The ultimate goal, however, is living from my passion. Doing so much hair that a “regular day job” becomes unnecessary. As a kid I always wanted to become famous (as a writer or a rockstar), so it would be really cool to be famous for something I am good at. I’m not dreaming too much though, making some good money with my work is what I want to achieve right now.

What is the craziest hair you did?
asked by Nienke van de Griendt

I’ve done some crazy ass hair, but the craziest has to be the rococo boat hair.

I am not too fond of the pictures though, so I would love to do this again in the future. This was also from a year ago, and I have gotten a lot better over time. If someone wants to re-shoot this with me, hit me up!

Whose hair would you die to get your hands on? Like celebrities or models, dead or alive.
asked by Christine Mooijer

Allison Harvard (picture does not belong to me)

Also a super interesting question I haven’t thought about before! There are a lot of models on Facebook or Instagram that I follow, and I would love to play with their hair someday 🙂
As for actual celebrities or models, I have to think… I have always loved model Allison Harvard, it would be amazing to work with her someday!

When I just started hairstyling, my big dream was to become a rockstar stylist, to go on tour with bands and do their hair before shows. Styling some of my favorite bands like Loudness or AION would be an absolute dream come true!


What is the one (or more) hair styles/colors you really dislike doing? (Because its figety or just never quite works out the way you want?)

asked by Ashley Reinders Folmer

Christine asked the same question, so I guess you really want to know what not to ask me for shoots 😉
Let me first start with saying what I do like. I like being creative, creating constructions and using lots of fake hair. But, I do need a rough guideline. Would you like something historically acurate or more avant garde? Modern high fashion or more out of the box? My head is so filled with inspiration I need to channel it somehow.

As for hairstyles, anything that isn’t too easy or a cool challenge is always nice. I don’t really like working on male models too much, though. They have a completely different hair structure and there is only so much you can do with men, so the creative aspect gets a bit lost for me.


Thank you for submitting your questions! Keep ’em coming and I’ll make a new post like this in a few weeks.

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