The importance of planning

Hello everyone! Because I was moving houses, I didn’t get the chance to update much anywhere, but now I’m back! And I’m all ready for you with a new blog post.

This one is about the importance of planning. I am a very chaotic person (with a bad case of ADHD), so a good planning and structure in my work is essential.


Everyone with an irregular job should have an agenda or a scedual to keep track of their working hours. As a chaotic person, this agenda is my clutch to everything. I write in my agenda when I work at my daytime job, when I have shoots, how much I’ll earn per shoot, … And everything is color coded! That way, I can clearly see how much time I spend on certain aspects in my life.
My calender is online on This way, I can send the link to it to the people I’m working with, so they can look at my free dates. I can also open it with an app on my smartphone, so I  have access to my calendar every moment.
Google agenda and the Apple agenda have these functions too, if I’m not mistaken. I have never tried them before, but I’m sure they’ll work just as good. Find out what works the best for you.

In my home, I also have a written calendar on which me and my boyfriend write our plans. If you have a very busy job, this is a really good thing to do – make sure you get time together as a couple and don’t get too obsessed with your job(s). And if you’re single, it’s great to add in some me-time as well. Rest is so important in this time where everyone you know has had a burn-out or was really close to one at one point.

Sceduling on social media
Face it: you can not be online 24/7. But, a social media account needs a certain ammount of posts to get your algorithms right. I tend to scedule my Facebook posts ahead: one post per day, around 6 PM. When I know I won’t be online for a while, I try to scedule as much ahead as I can, so the post appear on my page automatically.

Updates can be anything, as long as it’s related to your work. I post pictures of latest shoots and recent blog posts. If I had a slow period and I don’t have much to update, I look for older pictures that didn’t get quite the love they deserve, upload them again and share a story or anekdote with it. And sometimes, I just want to appreciate all my followers and make a post about how much I love them!  (That includes you! You’re the best!)

Arranging your day
Every time you shoot, you should have a tight scedual for the day ready so you won’t be late. I plan everything from the hour I wake up to what I’m going to wear, to the hour my bus or train leaves.
If you’re shooting somewhere you haven’t been before, it’s a good idea to write down directions or print out a map. Always have the adress written down with you, and a telephone number of someone in your team so you can reach them if something goes wrong.
Take traffic jams into account, as well as possible bus or train delays. I try to leave at least half an hour on beforehand to avoid getting stuck in traffic or missing a bus. If you’re super early, you can always just hang out and get something to eat – better too early than too late!
Setting an hour to finish the shoot can be a good idea. Sometimes, you’re in such a creative flow that you lose track of time, but after 7 hours of shooting, everyone’s pretty much exhausted and it’s just not a good idea to keep on going. Think about your own health as well – if you have a super early shoot the next day, don’t stick around until the early hours.

To do lists
I have to-do lists lying around all over my house. On pieces of paper, if I’m lucky, but sometimes also on napkins, receipts, the back of my hand, or on the cover of a magazine I bought. Lately I try to take a blank piece of paper every few days to plan out all I have to do in the next few days. The past few weeks I’ve been making weekplans in which I write down everything that needs to be known about the days of that week. If I have a shoot, what time does it start? Who is my model? What hair should I do? Will I have to buy extra hair or accesories?
This is a good way to avoid misunderstandings at the shooting day. I never want to show up somewhere again realising I forgot the one curling iron I needed for that day. It’s a process of trial and error, of course. If you have a good memory, you probably don’t need any of these, but my brain is like a Swiss cheese; without my lists or scedules, I would be totally lost!


How do you plan your working days? Are you organised or more cluttered? Ever gotten into trouble for not planning enough? Share your stories in the comments!

My next blog post will be one where you ask questions and I answer them! Leave your questions down below in the comments! 

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