My first teaching experience

Last week I taught my first ever hairstyling workshop!

Last week I organised a braiding workshop for beginners. I wanted to choose something easy to teach – something I know very well, and that’s not too hard to teach to other people. It seemed like a good start, to see if it would work out or not.

It worked out even better than expected! My students were very motivated and asked loads of interesting questions. It was a real pleasure sharing my knowledge!

At te beginning of the workshop, I was super nervous. These people paid money to listen to ME talk about something? Usually people want to pay me to shut up!
After the first few lame jokes, I felt the tension falling off my shoulders. I tried not to stress out and enjoyed every minute of it. The students and their models all were great people – we learned a lot from each other and had really nice talks in between the teaching. It was a totally different dynamic than what I am used to at shoots, but such a great experience!

I organised the shoot in Studio 22, the biggest photography studio in Belgium. After some talks with Paul, the owner of the studio, he loved my idea and arranged everything perfectly – he took care of drinks, accomodation, a beamer for my powerpoint presentation, the studio for the photoshoot at the end of the workshop, …

When he saw how succesful the day was, he agreed to let me host another one in the same location!
Here‘s the link to the Facebook event!

General information
– Date: Sunday 24 september 2017
– Time: 13:00 – 17:00
– Location: Studio 22 – Parklaan 22 bus 9, te 2300 Turnhout
– Price: 75€
– How to register: Send an e-mail to

Hope to see some of my readers there! 🙂


Here are some of the results of my students after the workshop. Keeping in mind that they had no braiding experience at all, I am so proud!


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