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Are you ready for another #artistinthespotlight? Today, Sharon Boucquez!

Photographer & Make-up: Paige Addams Photography Model & Styling: Sharon Boucquez


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Collection “Fight like a Warrior” by Haute Gothure Photographer: Tim Tronckoe Model & Designer: Sharon Boucquez (Haute Gothure) Make-up Artist: Kika von Macabre

Tell us a bit about your style as an artist.
I call my style “Dark Fashion” because it’s not really gothic, but I use a lot of black and I try to bring it to a higher level in fashion terms. In my styling as model and even my daily looks, I like to combinate clothing from stores such as Bershka, New Look, Zara, Morgan (De Toi),… with pieces from gothic labels or my own creations. I just don’t like basic things.

My photoshoots are often very dark, fantasy but with a fashion twist. The results should fit in high end editorial magazines, even with very low budget. At least, that’s my goal with every photoshoot and while chosing my team.

As a fashiondesigner I like to go for female elegance and special but comfortable fabrics. I love to combinate hard looking fabrics like (faux) leather with chiffon, or lace. It translate my personality as the romantic, passionate and emotional person I am inside with my hard, cold hearted look on the outside.

How do you feel you have grown since you started? 
I started with modeling in 2008. The first 4 years I’ve seen myself growing, in poses, in self-confidence, and yes even in taste. Since 2012 I’ve been very selective in photographers and today it became very hard for me to find very good and trustable photographers in Belgium. Which means I don’t shoot that often anymore. And if you can’t practice that much, you don’t grow anymore. I need new photographers who can teach me something, and not the opposite direction.

What were some of the hardest obstacles to overcome, especially when starting out? 
My confidence. In the beginning I was very shy, especially to dare to do lingerieshoots. But working with the right photographers helped me open up like a flower. Now I love the attention and shoot in lingerie like it’s no big deal.

Photographer: Dries Vanackere Model & Designer: Sharon Boucquez (Haute Gothure) Make-up Artist: Sheyla Carolina Cavero

But my biggest problem will always be, I’m too short to be a fulltime model. And that’s something that will never change as long as I’m young enough to be a model. I hope one day the agencies and clients will wake up and realise you don’t need to be that tall to presentate their products. 

Tell me one of your worst and best experiences so far.
I’ve done many bad photoshoots in the beginning. But then it was “okay” to start and build my portfolio. And mosly I had fun doing these shoots.

One photoshoot was very weird. The photographer contacted me for my gothic style and wanted to work together. However, a few days before the shoot, he asked me to bring a lot of colorful clothing. My mother asked around, even bought some stuff, used her own clothing, but it was just not logical. 
At the photoshoot it became even worse. The make-up looked like shit. Actually no, it looked like I had eczema on my face and some failed Lady Gaga inspired lightning bolt.

I didn’t understand at all what the photographer wanted. I had to look powerful, but with head down, bending over, shoulders down, feel sad,… It didn’t make any sense. He had no examples, he “communicated” about this at the shoot and not before. So I couldn’t use the results at all.

My best experience… that’s a hard one. I’ve worked with many fantastic, sweet and talented people, that it’s not easy to choose.

I really learned to pose and know my body thanks to a photoshoot years ago with Antoon Torrekens. 
A few photographers teached me to do high fashion poses, but I don’t like to mention their name anymore for having bad manners. 
I’ve done a Valentine Pin-up shoot in pink, which is totally not me, but I had so much fun doing this. I posed with birds and even with fire. Sadly these pictures are not portfolio worth.
It gives me a lot of adrenaline while shooting in public (castle, streets, fair,…) and people watching us.
Shooting with AU-CONTRAIRE PHOTOGRAPHY is like a dream coming true. She creates fantasy. Her pictures are also one of my favorites, especially when I was wearing the dresses from Linda Friesen. 
But shooting with Tim Tronckoe is fun and professional, and you get high quality and quantity in return! He’s the most enthousiastic person I’ve ever met, so positive and down to earth. 
I’m still waiting for the perfect shoot with him, dear Julie as hairstylist and my sweet Tine Josephy as Make-up Artist. 

Who do you look up to as an artist?
As a model I look up at Threnody in Velvet. All corset and fashion designers in the scene, ask her to be their model. She’s in my eyes so succesful and I wish I could become so known as her. Also models like Ophelia Overdose, Maria Amanda, Nina de Lianin, Séraphine Strange, Sister Sinister,… are for me inspiring.

My favorite photographers are (beside the 2 I mentioned), Agnieszka Lorek, Bella Kotak, Lillian Liu, Juliette Lichman, Annie Leibovitz, Margarita Karvera, Kirsty Mitchell,… and many more. 

As a fashiondesigner I look up at Linda Friesen, Royal Black Couture & Corsetry, Agnieszka Osipa, but also the big names like Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier,…

What is the best advice someone has ever given to you about the industry? 
No one actually gave me real advice. I just heard so many times that I’m too short. But I also heard that I’m “so good” that I will definitely make it. And many said “If you shoot with me, you’ll become a topmodel” or “Only use my pictures in your portfolio, you don’t the rest”. Yeah I don’t concider that as advice.

For my designing, I got the advice of Linda Friensen to develop my own style and be very precisely. Even in the inside of a garment is important.

Photographer & Headdress: AU-CONTRAIRE PHOTOGRAPHY Model: Sharon Boucquez Designer: Linda Friesen Make-up Artist: Jeannette Be


What would you like to say to the readers of this blog?
I always tell people to stay who you are and never change because someone said so. You can “fake it until you make it”, but you can’t live with that for the rest of your life.

Also be consequent. No is no. If you don’t like something, don’t do it and make that clear. Don’t listen to their “promising” stories. Many use that as a way to get you naked or do things you don’t like. 

And now some shameless selfpromotion. With my fashionlabel “Haute Gothure” I make customized dresses and corsets for special occasions (balls, weddings,…) or performance (shows, theater, photoshoots, videoclips,…). My style is “Dark Fashion”, but that doesn’t mean I only make black clothing. If you want a white weddingdress? You’re welcome as well!

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