Supporting other artists

Let’s be honest; being a freelancer isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. It’s a very harsh world, and us fellow artists have to stick together and support each other!

Social media

  • Like all of your friends’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Like and share their posts.  They will return the favor!
  • Feature their pages sometimes. Place a post on your wall with “You should check out this artist!”,  “This artist has a great promo going on right now”, …
  • Mention the entire team in the credits on your photos and include their pages.
  • If you can’t do a certain job because you already have something else planned, recommend a fellow artist in your field. (Make sure they do a totally different style though, otherwise they’ll be competition 😉 )
  • Talk about the people you’ve worked with. Talk about the work you have done together. Be humble, though! No one likes a bragger. “I worked with Regina Felange a few weeks ago, it was a huge honor and she was an absolute pleasure to work with!” sounds a lot better than “I did some collabs with Regina Felange, yeah. She’s, like, the best in her field and wanted to have me for that shoot.”
  • Write reviews on other artist’s pages! Reviews help a lot to build more credibility and share your experiences.


Paid work

  • Support your friends in pursuing paid work.
  • If they do not want to work on a TFP base with you, accept that. Don’t go into discussion, either pay them or get someone else.
  • If needed, you can pay for their travel costs.
  • Share your expenses. If you earn money for a shoot, pay the other team members too.
  • Never argue about a price. A freelancer is not a fleemarket find on which you can haggle.


Moral support

  • Don’t be shy to give honest constructive criticism. This helps your fellow artist in growing!
  • But, also give compliments. This helps building confidence.
  • If your friend has a bad moment, where they just don’t believe in themselves anymore, try to get them back on track. You, as another freelancer,  know what they’re going through and you can talk to them better than a relative or friend who does something completely different in life.
  • Help each other grow – talk about your experiences and give advice where needed.

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